There Is No Creativity In Franchising - Great Quotes in Franchising Podcast

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One of the shows I strongly recommend listening to if you are an aspiring entrepreneur is Stop Riding the Pine (www.StopRidingThePine.com). The show is hosted by the popular Jaime Jay. Jaime is an amazing interviewer and speaks with entrepreneurs on a variety of topics. I had the pleasure of appearing on Stop Riding the Pine.

One of the topics Jaimie and I spoke about focused on key elements of successful franchising. This Great Quote in Franchising is called, “There is no creativity in franchising.” This podcast explains why.

You can hear the whole interview by going to http://www.stopridingthepine.com/dr-marty-mcdermott-podcasting-franchise-exper/

To listen to all of Jaimie Jay’s interviews on Stop Riding The Pine, simply go to www.StopRidingThePine.com

By Martin McDermott, DBA 07/06/2016 12:21 PM

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