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Great Quotes in Franchising Podcast - If the Procedure Manual Said

Julie Bennett is the author of the Franchise Times Guide to Selecting, Buying and Owning a Franchise. Julie appeared as a guest on our weekly radio show Franchise Interviews. Her book is a must read for anyone looking to buy a franchise. Listen to the two quotes she references on this podcast.

Posted 05/20/2008 04:55 PM

Great Quotes in Franchising Podcast - Franchising Gives You The Chance To Start On Third Base

George Naddaff has been tagged the guru in franchising. We had George on our one year anniversary of doing the show and he had several great quotes. This was one of our favorites!

Posted 05/14/2008 08:28 AM

Great Quotes in Franchising Podcast - I am not creative. I didn't want to invent anything. Just follow the system.

Great quotes in franchising. Dan Castellini is one of Liberty Tax Services top franchisees. Why? Listen to some powerful words of wisdom from hall of famer in franchising John Hewitt and successful franchise business owner Dan Castellini.

Posted 04/30/2008 11:52 AM